Where in the World?!?

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

With the United States borderline on fire and the rest of the world quarantined up I thought it would be a nice change of pace to hit on a fun topic of where in the world you'd like to visit or live! I've been to several incredibly nice places and thought I'd share, however first I'll take on the task of hitting a few news points for those in need of some Common Sense Today news take. Some people have already asked me to touch on certain events going on in the US, but I won't go near that with a ten foot pole for now.

The BBC reported on Twitter (of all places) and other news outlets fact checking whether President Trump gave General Mattis the nickname 'Mad Dog' as he claims. It looks like no he didn't, but ask yourself this. Does it matter?? It seems to be a rather trivial matter unless you're just trying to go out of your way to discredit someone, in which case we could probably unravel 99% of people in government. Doesn't matter!!

The Virginia governor Ralph Northam has decided a 'controversial' statue of General Robert E. Lee has to be taken down and put in storage. It's controversial for those who ignore history. Reminders are how we keep history from repeating, and the man was following orders. So we're attempting to erase history now. Guess what happened in Cambodia back in their revolution? Pol Pot wiped out reminders of history he didn't approve of, slaughtered educated people, and instilled his regime. So we're beginning to slowly erase history we don't like... Glorious. Matters because let's learn from others mistakes, not repeat them.

Last but certainly not least on the news is officials worrying about coronavirus making a comeback as states are attempting to open. Las Vegas has lines, restaurants are filling, sports facilities are getting requests... Guess what, the virus isn't going anywhere and we need to be able to live with that. As insensitive as it sounds, it's like living with the knowledge you could catch a nasty flu. If your immune system isn't up to the task those can kill you too. Matters because the economy is responding.

Now that all the informative is out of the way (I can do news podcasts for you news junkies out there), let's get on to the fun. I'm going to tell you some of the places I've been, what I like, and some I'd like to go to. Leave a comment with your favorite places you've been! I think topping my list would be Neuschwanstein castle in Germany. Beer aside, Germany is a gorgeous country with a rich culture and history. Definitely a place worth visiting! Lithuania also gets a place towards the top of the list because the food was incredible!! It was also a gorgeous and friendly place to visit. The culture is rich, and having been occupied by both Germany and the Soviet Union, there's a rich history.

Alaska is an amazing place for any of you outdoors types. Denali National Park and Chena Hot Springs are musts for anyone looking to go to 'The Last Frontier'. Just be sure if you don't like the cold to go in the summer or early fall!! If you like beaches, the Gulf coast of Florida is the place to go!! Pensacola to Panama City stretch some of the best beaches I've seen!

I hope you got a little information out of today's blog! Feel free to drop me a note or tweet and I'll do my best to address it as quickly as possible. Make sure to listen to the podcast, follow us on Twitter, and remember; make Common Sense Today common sense, today.

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