We're live!!

So we're officially live and I figured I'd give just a quick update post about how I plan to move forward with everything. Obviously we're going to exercise as much common sense as possible, and I'll do my best to keep things fresh and entertaining.

As far as blogging goes I will send update posts, give common sense feedback, and use the blog for shorter topics of common sense. The blog is a handy tool for us to communicate if you feel like addressing a topic directly, though you can also use the 'contact me'. If you're a member you can message me directly and when we grow to a large enough community (help me make common sense viral), members will have first dibs on any cool merch. Membership is completely free and will be used to send updates when there are new podcasts out so you can get that information as soon as possible.

There's a twitter! I believe I mentioned it in the first podcast, and as much as it pains me, we have one. @CommonSensToday is our twitter handle, though you can also click the nifty little twitter icon at the bottom of your screen and it will take you directly there. I'll use twitter for who knows what, but it will be used. If there's a super short yes or no common sense question posed to me, it will likely be answered on twitter. Just make sure to let me know if you want me to give you personal credit or keep the topic posers anonymous.

Podcast! Ahhh the glorious platform that lets you hear my angelic voice... The goal is to release a podcast every Monday and Thursday (that's the goal). I would like to get us to the point where I can definitely release every Monday and Thursday like clockwork so you guys know exactly what's going on. While this is still getting off the ground, you have my promise that I'll do my best. My objective is the Monday release will be a 'have something entertaining to listen to at work' episode. It will likely be shorter, but I'm going to try and set them up so they can be enjoyed at work. The Thursday release will be a longer episode on average, since it will be something you can listen to while painting the garage, playing a video game, or reading a book and ignoring the world.

Thank you all for the support! I hope that by continually sharing this channel we can spread some Common Sense Today in this crazy upside down world... I'll see you all on the next podcast (I'll do my best to get another out this week and start the actual schedule next week), and as always. Let's make Common Sense Today common sense, today.

#CommonSenseToday #commonsensechallenge #bringcommonsenseback

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