Superbowl vs ComicCon

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted last. I thought today we'd have a nice food for thought discussion. It's something you can talk about with friends at the bar, office, or your next DnD session. Why is there a stigma attached to cosplayers and 'nerds' (real ones, not just people who wear the glasses), instead of those who are huge sports fans?

I plan on discussing similarities and differences between the groups and letting you decide what you think additional reasons are. It's funny because generally you don't think of those who follow sports as having much in common with those who play Dungeons and Dragons, but there is some common ground.

So for probably the most striking similarity between the groups, they memorize astounding amounts of data. It's no surprise to hear a cosplayer or DnD player rattle off character statistics or reasons why their particular character is awesome. The Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings fans are notorious for being able to toss out things about their particular fandom that the casual observer would have never known. Funny enough this characteristic is shared by the die hard sports fans. Come Superbowl time, it's commonplace for football fans to be able to list the different statistics for teams and players going back years. Even the 'muscle heads' seem to have the ability to spout astounding amounts of information regarding entire sports franchises. This isn't dissimilar to how the 'nerds' associate with their particular fandom.

Another similarity is when the fans for both camps dress up. While generally cosplay takes more effort and dedication, nobody bats an eye at the guys without their shirts in the stands at a football game sporting team colors. Hockey fans even have the infamous 'green men' and soccer fans are rarely seen at a game without sporting incredible amounts of memorabilia.

Now for the major difference since we have common ground. The differences are more subtle to me than the commonalities, but I'm sure many of you can point to countless other ways the two groups are different.

The major difference I associate with the two groups is who they look to. The 'nerd' group looks to fictional characters and universes that help them disassociate with reality in a sense. It's the same principle of when you read a really good book and forget about what's going on. They look outside reality for their version of an escape with epic heroes and super villians. It's a relatable scenario for them. The sports group on the other hand looks to what's generally seen as an unachievable yet real set of people for their version of an escape. They focus on the achievements of others and zero in on who they see as heroes and villians within the sports world. By looking to real people instead of fictional characters they set themselves apart from others.

Personally I feel like the two groups are very similar, and separated by a very fine line. I'd like to hear your thoughts on this though! Make sure to leave a message with your input. Also don't forget to check out the podcast which has features the new Common Sense Newsroom segment.

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