Jumanji Level 6

Well everyone, 2020 has been a beast of a year so far. Almost everyone has been impacted by the zombie death plague in some form and the turmoil just seems to keep on coming. Funny enough the saying, "this too shall pass," doesn't quite seem to cut it. Fortunately I heard a much more applicable version of that saying.

"This too shall pass. It may pass like a kidney stone, but it shall pass."

This struck home for me because it's true. No matter what's going on and no matter how crazy things get, it will pass eventually. It may hurt like a son of a gun while it passes, but it will pass. That's my 2020 thought of the year as we're at the halfway point!

I apologize for the delay in blog posts, but we're trying to get the website fixed as it doesn't seem to like showing up on Google. However, I shall continue to podcast but the schedule for that will most likely be Tuesday/Wednesday and Saturday for the near future because of work and life! Once we make Common Sense Today common though, this will be the full time job and I'll likely do far more than two episodes a week. For now though, enjoy a couple of modern hieroglyphs and have a laugh!


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