I Have the High Ground

Ewan McGregor has been teasing fans with an Obi-Wan Kenobi return for some time now. Fortunately Disney put an unspecified Obi-Wan show on the books. Unfortunately due to crazy circumstances the show has been delayed. To get fans through this, Obi-Wan himself has reached out to the Star Wars community and given sneak peeks of what to expect.

He has spoken, staying the technology and techniques used in the Mandalorian series will be the same ones employed on the Obi-Wan set. Because of the green screen use in the prequels, it was likely much harder for actors to portray their characters accurately. They have to imagine everything going on in the scene and then fit their part to it. With the modern technology, McGregor seems to feel it will have a more realistic feel because it helps the actors.

The big questions with an Obi-Wan Kenobi series are ones we all hope Disney makes the right choices on. Will we see Anakin in flashbacks? Will we see Vader? Will we see Obi-Wan communing with Qui-Gon? Hopefully Disney makes good use of the acting prowess Ewan McGregor brings to the set and allow him to run with the character.

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