I Have Returned

Wow a whole month without a blog?!?! I apologise my friends, it's been a heck of a month. No excuses though! Let's get some common sense in today.

I feel with everything going on it doesn't hurt to say it seems the world has lost its mind. It seems every direction we turn there's either a new catastrophy, someone's about to end the world, or a thing everyone seems to hate happens. However there is much good going on!!! We're going to talk a bit about it.

Firstly, the NHL has returned in full force and the first round of the playoffs has not disappointed. Tampa Bay and Columbus set a new record for Columbus's goalie as he faced the most shots and made the most saves in a playoff game. It took 5 overtimes to do it though!! This made the game the fourth longest in NHL history and 2nd longest in the playoffs if I recall correctly. The bubble setup the NHL adopted seems to be a good stopgap measure for finishing the 19-20 season as the teams have certainly knocked the rust off their skates quickly. Also, I'll get into it more in a podcast, but you've got to love the NHLs respect for the American and Canadian anthems… just saying. Hockey players leading the way with being respectful for those who fought for their countries (even though many players come from overseas). Don't worry, I'll get on that soapbox later.

Second, the second person ever has been completely cured of HIV as reported by the Queen's Journal. This represents a huge step forward for medicinal science as HIV has plagued the Earth. Being able to cure HIV reliably will hopefully lead to the eradication of AIDS…. Just like smallpox and polio… right? Except it's realistically impossible to eradicate a disease, but this is a huge step forward and an awesome event.

Thirdly, Churches have won their lawsuit against the state of California. The Churches argued they were following stricter guidelines to prevent COVID spread inside than the mass mobs and protests that were being 'encouraged' (definitely allowed) by the states governor. In the end the judge decided as long as the Churches practice responsible distancing and other guidelines they can continue to meet. This is a huge victory for Churches as several states (and some candidates for election) look to minimize the ability of Christians and Jews to congregate (looking your way California, New York, New Jersey).

Fourthly, the stock market is rebounding better than anyone predicted as the President continues to make the economy his main focus. Jobs recovery and stability have bounced back allowing businesses not being strangled by their states or cities to 'recover'. Hopefully this economic recovery and growth will continue, even as part of our country seems dead set on making sure President Trump can't succeed at his tasks. This to me is a bit like hating the captain of the ship you're on so you sink the ship taking everyone down with it… Not exactly the world's greatest decision making at work.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Make sure to check out the Common Sense Today podcast and soon our YouTube channel. Share with all your friends and make sure to exercise common sense!

Also, bonus points to anyone who knows where in history the title comes from (probably a lot of places but I'm thinking a little over 70 years ago).

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