Common Sense Today: C.S. Todd

As the founder of Common Sense Today I have a very simple goal: to post things that will not only help bring joy to people, but bring common sense back into the world.

Today's world seems to be a constant stream of negativity and an incredible lack of common sense. It's gotten to the point where the phrase, "Common sense, isn't", is incredibly applicable. The world is a constant flux of bad news because bad news because panic gets viewers in the news age. Don't fret though! There's good news to follow!

Here at Common Sense Today, I'm going to provide a steady stream of topics either by blog or podcast to bring some sense back into the world! We'll cover all manner of topics from sports to star wars, the latest scientific notices to the best Marvel characters, current events (unfortunate but necessary) to the best things about Harry Potter. My goal is to provide a refreshing, all encompassing area where people can either be refreshed by my shenanigans and sci-fi references, or to catch up on the news without being bombarded with partisan silliness.

Before you get the sense that this is a hippy commune site where everyone's feelings will be well taken care of, heed this warning. I'm going to look to the readers and listeners to help me provide meaningful topics of productive conversation, but I'm not here to sugar coat anything. I just won't be any harder on a topic than I will myself (so look out). There are no 'safe spaces' or 'trigger warnings' here, just good old fashioned COMMON SENSE. Here I will treat everyone and all topics with respect, but I will let you know if something is ridiculous. 

Now that all the "about us" stuff is out of the way, enjoy the site and remember:

Make Common Sense Today Common Sense!

This is your disclaimer. I reserve the right to choose topics presented to me and to stay away from inflammatory or degrading, non-productive topics of discussion. 

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